20 Different Types of Buildings

Different types of buildings are dedicated to workspace, home space, and other places. This article will discuss different types of buildings depending on space utilization.

The information in this article helps you understand what building you need to construct to meet the client’s specific requirements. Let’s have a look but before we dive into different types of buildings, let’s understand what is building to understand the topic easily. Keep on reading! 

What Exactly is Building? 

A building is a structure with a roof and wall standing permanently in one place. Some common examples are house buildings, office buildings, factory buildings, and many more. Buildings are designed for social needs such as shelter, privacy, and security. Other purposes of the building are to store material and offer a workspace. 

So, now you know what is a building, let us move to the next section where we will discuss types of buildings!

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Different Types of Buildings

These are some of the common types of buildings that every engineer should know before taking on any project. Have a look!

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1. Residential Buildings 

Family homes, apartments, etc., are some types of residential buildings constructed for people. Depending on the requirement, residential buildings are as follows: 

  • Townhouse 
  • Apartments
  • Detached single-family home
  • Condominium 

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types of buildlings

2. Retail Buildings 

Retail buildings are multi-story building structures or single shop structures that are designed for markets and selling. These buildings are of different types, such as: 

3. Big Box 

We are all familiar with the big box stores that, over the past 20 years, have mostly replaced brick-and-mortar stores for retail. These are the huge department shops that sell a wide variety of goods in a certain industry. Consider stores like Walmart, FedEx, Home Depot, and Staples.

4. Shop/Service/Boutiques 

We are talking to individual commercial structures that hold a retail outlet or service-based firm when we say “shops, restaurants, and services.” Think of a vacuum shop, real estate agency, dental business, etc.

types of buildings

5. Mall 

There are two types of malls: indoor malls and commercial areas. In warmer areas, there are outside malls as well. A facility that houses several shops and services all in one location is called a mall. The idea is to develop a location that draws more visitors due to its abundance and variety of shops, services, and retailers.

types of buildings

6. Multi-Purpose Building 

Multi-purpose buildings are specifically designed for different space requirements and functions. In a single building, you can operate different businesses and work. 

7. Office Space/Malls

A mall/office building is yet another type of multipurpose structure. My hometown’s mall included a sizable area of businesses on the second story. A segment of the mall is dedicated to offices. 

types of buildings

8. Multipurpose Skyscraper

The skyscraper, which has retail, office, recreational, and residential neighborhoods, is the most typical multi-purpose building.

types of buildings

9. Hospitality Building 

Here are the many sorts of lodging structures. Here we refer to structures designed to accommodate and/or feed people when we say hospitality buildings. Except for hotels, these are frequently standalone structures.

  • Motels 
  • Hotels 
  • Resorts
  • Bed and Breakfasts buildings
  • Restaurants 

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types of buildings

10. Institutional Civics Buildings

Most municipalities and towns have one or more municipal structures intended to provide some service to the community. Not all, but the majority, are held by the state. For instance, not every hospital is a government-owned facility.

Here is a quick list of the several categories of municipal structures and buildings. 

  • Community centers
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Libraries 
  • Courthouses 
  • Prisons
  • Police/Fire 
  • Post Office 
types of buildings

11. Gathering Buildings 

Gathering buildings are nothing but a full-size outdoor stadium, three arenas, and several theatres and concert halls. Vancouver is also a small city. These are places where athletic events, concerts, and other events, including boat shows, house shows, and auto shows, are held.

The many gatherings or assembly-style structures are listed below.

  • Conference centers 
  • Stadiums 
  • Arenas 
  • Theaters
  • Auditorium 
types of buildings

12. Educational Buildings 

Educational buildings are designated as the study places where students study. The majority of cities and towns have educational buildings. Some of the common examples of educational buildings are as follows: 

  • Elementary
  • Pre-school
  • Middle school
  • High school 
  • University 
  • College 
  • Technical

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types of buildings

13. Religious Buildings

Religious buildings are those where prayers and assemblies are done. These kinds of buildings are generally dedicated to holy places.  There are different types of religious buildings, which are as follows: 

  • Cathedral 
  • Church 
  • Temple 
  • Mosque 
  • Synagogue 
  • Monastery
types of buildings

14. Industry Buildings 

Many municipalities have areas allocated for industrial structures, including factories and storage facilities that produce goods. While some are little, others are enormous. It is debatable whether infrastructure structures, including different kinds of plants like power plants, nuclear reactors, water treatment plants, etc., belong in this category.

Here is a brief rundown of the many industrial building kinds.

  • Distribution center 
  • Warehouse 
  • Factory 
  • Manufacturing plant 
  • Power plant 
  • Distribution center 
  • Nuclear plant 
  • Water treatment plant 

15. Agricultural Buildings 

Agricultural buildings are other concepts of construction that are specially made for agricultural purposes. This structure is also used to house animals and store agricultural products and food. Here are some of the common examples of agricultural buildings: 

  • Silos 
  • Barns 
  • Greenhouses 
  • Chicken Coop
types of buildings

16. Transportation Buildings

Buildings of all shapes and sizes are created to make transit easier. They are, in general, transportation hubs that offer services for all modes of transportation. The primary terminal kinds are listed below:

  • Train 
  • Airport
  • Ferry 
  • Bus

17. Recreational Building

The town has recreation facilities where you may participate in a variety of activities and/or find entertainment. I frequently visit recreational facilities, including the adjacent fitness facility, indoor bouldering gym, underground trampoline park, and community pool.

Here is a summary of some of the various types of recreational structures.

  • Indoor trampoline parks 
  • Fitness centers 
  • Indoor climbing gyms 
  • Ice Rinks 
  • Public swimming pools
  • Indoor trampoline parks

18. Office Buildings 

These kinds of buildings are dedicated to commercial workspaces, office spaces, and other purposes related to work.  Some of the common office building options are as follows: 

19. Walk Ups

Most small office buildings don’t require spaces; instead, these buildings only require 2, 3, and 4-floor buildings. These buildings also have elevators, and that’s why they are known as walk-up buildings. 

20. Office Towers

Office towers are the tallest buildings and have more than 18 stories. However, some office towers have 60 stories and are not common in cities. These tall office towers are present in metro cities throughout the world. 

types of buildings

Different Types of Buildings – Final Thoughts! 

These are some of the types of buildings that are constructed for a different purposes. Now, you have complete information about the type of buildings. The information is helpful for the constructors who are constructing buildings so that they can construct buildings in the right manner.

If you have any confusion regarding different types of buildings, do let us know in the comments section below.

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